I cannot say enough about how incredible Jet Set Wed is. Kehrin is an absolute pro at what she does… and it shows. You can tell that this is her calling! Kehrin is extremely easy to work with, flexible, and ALWAYS available with open communication. I must have emailed her 1,000 times with ideas, thoughts, and stressors and she promptly responded each and every time with a thorough, detailed response. I always felt heard. I am a TOTAL control freak and somehow she managed to make sure I felt in control, while taking away each of the tiny things that were causing me anxiety. Every detail was exquisite and beautiful, while staying within our budget. When I suggested something totally out of our budget, she somehow found something with the exact same feel for half the price!! The night of our wedding rehearsal, she literally sewed me into my dress when the zipper broke down the side. As I panicked, she kept me calm and fixed the problem without missing a beat. On the day of our wedding, I was a nervous wreck (as most brides are) and worried about the tiniest of things – she assured me each step of the way that it would all work out, and because of her, it did! I heard about several things that went wrong (power outage, toilet clog, etc.) after the fact and never even knew it was happening!! We received so many compliments about our one of a kind wedding and we truly believe that if not for Kehrin and Jet Set Wed, we would not have had the beautiful wedding of our dreams! We HIGHLY recommend Jet Set Wed – they are AMAZING and their quality of service is unmatched!!

by Khrys

Kehrin was absolutely amazing! She made the entire process stress-free (as much as a wedding can be :) ) and the wedding day stunning. She knew all my vendors which made communication easy. She knew how to solve any concern and has impeccable taste while still tailoring the day to suit our style. You want the best package you can afford- SHE IS SO WORTH IT! I don’t say this lightly but our wedding day was literally the best day of my life and Kehrin made that happen.

by Erin


Our wedding would not have been the same without Kehrin from Jet Set Wed. She is such an incredibly talented designer and planner and we felt so at ease throughout the process of planning our wedding. She listened to what we had to say and brought everything to life better than we could have ever imagined. Her ideas were so creative and added so much personality to our wedding. She also worked diligently on the day of our wedding and kept all of our vendors in check and on time. We hear all the time that our big day looked like it came straight out of a magazine and that is all thanks to Kehrin and her team. I will be recommending her to all of my fellow brides! Thank you again, Kehrin!!! Xo

by Brianna


Man, where do I start? Kehrin is awesome, she rocks! We love her! I was seriously overwhelmed after getting engaged, since I wasn’t an expert on anything wedding-related. Pinterest is great, but who has time for all that?! I was inundated with questions, opinions, recommendations…and uncertainty. I wanted everything to be perfect, but didn’t know what to do. Kehrin lined up some great resources to start, and even suggested ways to save $ on a couple vendor choices – all before I hired her! I decided to officially hire her for the full shebang and let me tell you, she did not disappoint. She answered all my questions and spent the time to understand my ‘vision’ – hell, she helped me create a vision I couldn’t even articulate and brought it to life. She helped my fiancé and I select the right vendors for our wedding, so it felt like ‘us.’ We didn’t want anything cookie-cutter, traditional or boring. I know, I know, that’s what you want too – and Kehrin will help you make it happen! If you’re looking for a smart, resourceful, kick-ass wedding planner, look no further. She’s worth every penny and then some.

by Missy


Kehrin Hassan with Jet Set Wed is absolutely amazing at what she does! I contacted her a little over a year before our wedding. After meeting with her and hearing some of her ideas, I knew she was going to make our day perfect. She has a special eye for everything wedding. When I explained my vision to her she made it come to life. Kehrin contacted all of the best vendors that could provide exactly what we were looking for. Every step in the planning process went so smooth with her help. I can honestly say our wedding wouldn’t have been nearly half as great if it wasn’t for her. And when we our big day was actually here, it was more than I could have ever imagined. Myself, husband and all of our guests were in awe of the day Kehrin put together. I can’t thank her enough for making our day so perfect. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with all your wedding planning needs. She is the absolute best!!!

by Kristin



For the last two weeks I have been trying to figure out the best way to describe how Kehrin pulled together our most special day. Kehrin is a Godsend; I owe it all to Kehrin that there was no stress or drama on our wedding day. She had literally thought of and anticipated everything. Let me start off by saying that I was probably a complicated client, we were from out of town, had no idea what city we wanted to have the wedding in & neither of us really wanted it to feel like a formal wedding. I had no idea what I wanted because quite frankly I never had that dream of getting married and having a “fairytale” wedding. That whole concept doesn’t really work for me and my more practical nature. My husband and I are both hard working professionals, really down to earth & we wanted something more cool, more partyesque; a get together for our family & close friends to mingle, enjoy some good food, good conversation & help us celebrate the joining of our lives. Kehrin was great in first helping me narrow down a city & venue that would be a good fit for us. We had this idea of getting married at a beach house, having the atmosphere being very lounge-ish, cool & relaxed just like our personalities. Kehrin took that idea and executed it to perfection! She had all of our bases covered from stationary, catering, to photography, entertainment, decor, etc. I literally didn’t have to do much of anything besides figure out the colors (which she also helped with) and sign contracts/pay for services. This was the best part of our agreement as it took a huge weight off of our shoulders. I would recommend Kehrin to anyone looking to plan a wedding; she will make sure you are well taken care of!

by Natasha


Absolutely the best!! My husband and I live in Columbus, OH but knew we wanted a warm weather location for our wedding. I have family that lives in Bonita Springs and after a visit to Marco Island we knew it was ‘the place.’ We initially weren’t going to hire a wedding planner. After all…I am a control freak and love to party plan., we had family to help scout vendors, etc and my hubby (an accountant) couldn’t see the monetary value in one. Fast forward a month or so, and as I was scouring wedding websites, I came across Kehrin Hassan. Her bio was like it was written for ME!! Not only did I immediately know I wanted this girl to help me plan our wedding, I joked about having her IN it! Kehrin’s ability to match up your style is absolutely wonderful, but what makes the whole experience so incredible is her personality! It is seriously like having a super talented BFF planning your most special day. A typical planner will send you updates on certain days and email you with questions or concerns to keep you informed, and Kehrin definitely does that…but what was so amazing were the random texts and photos of items she saw while out shopping and thought would be perfect for our wedding! And the fact that she has the best relationships with any other vendor you could ask for in Southwest Florida. And that she thinks of all those things that you had completely forgotten about. And how she is able to take all of your crazy wants and wishes and make them work together. And how she keeps you on budget but manages to get you even more. And the list goes on and on… As for the Day Of event….wow! We had a pretty elaborate weekend going on and because of Kehrin’s hard work and organization, I was actually able to lay out on the beach the morning of our wedding before it was time for hair and makeup. I mean, who does that?!?! She just had everything so under control that I wasn’t needed to answer any questions or put out any fires. If anything even remotely imperfect happened (and I’m sure it did), to this day I still have no idea. It was the most magical weekend ever. I could write forever, but in the sake of not taking your whole afternoon, I will sum things up by saying that hiring Kehrin was the smartest decision we could have made. 1. She saved us every penny it cost to hire her by finding the best places for favors, decor, etc (a big plus for my hubby) 2. She allowed not only the bride, but the brides family (the ones who usually get stuck decorating and cleaning up) a relaxing day spent together and 3. We made a fabulous new friend who when we look back on that day, can’t imagine not having her a part of it. Thank you for everything!

by Anne


Kehrin was a lifesaver for my wedding date in November! I contacted her 3 weeks before my wedding for day of coordination services and she was prompt in her response and had a detailed timeline for me the very next day. She relieved me of all my anxiety and answered any questions I had about wedding day concerns. She arranged to have all of my vendors arrive and was with me the day of from start to finish. Kehrin is a great resource, I only wish I had contacted her sooner for full wedding coordination.

by Alexa


Words cannot describe what I think of Kehrin and her staff at Jet Set Wed. My wedding came out BETTER than my wildest dreams. From the beginning, I knew I would love her after the first five minutes of meeting her. You can tell she’s ambitious and loves planning weddings. She assisted me in finding vendors and styled me for my big day. She went with me to all my meetings with the vendors. She can work with any budget and kept us on track. She even found creative ways to keep us on budget when my big ideas were threatening to blow it. She took the time to get to know me and my fiancé. I have received so many phone calls since our wedding, telling me how they could see “my” touches everywhere throughout my wedding day. I cannot take credit for these touches, they were all Kehrin. I have had friends and family members say that they were personally touched by all the unique elements that we had in our wedding. There was always something happening to keep our guests on their toes. She even surprised us on our wedding day, with a cigar roller, whom my fiance’s friends had gotten us as a wedding present. It was all done behind our back, and we were shocked to see the cigar roller making cigars right next to the scotch bar that was set up for my husband. I could write a book to go over all the wonderful feedback I have received, starting with our wedding invitation, right down to the song we used for the cut cutting (once again, all Kehrin). She strives to make your wedding a reflection of you and your future husband.

 by Kayla


I hired Kehrin with Jet Set Wed for planning & coordination. I was above and beyond STUNNED with her services and the entire wedding she ran that day. As a typical stressed out bride-to-be, Kehrin took care of all my needs on my wedding day and I was worry-free. In my eyes, I knew of nothing that went wrong that day. Kehrin and my florist set up the décor of the room and it was beyond anything I could have ever dreamed of. I had no idea it was all going to come together the way it did. The romance that the room gave off the moment you walked in was breathtaking and literally took my breath away when my husband and I walked in. I was beyond impressed with the way Kehrin handled every person, guest and vendor. Our wedding was the BEST day of my entire life and I owe so much of that to Kehrin. She made everything seamless and I would recommend her over and over again.

by Melissa


I hired Kehrin for the day-of and decor.Working with Kehrin and her team(Jet Set Wed) was awesome, they have such great/out-of-the-box ideas and they really caught my vision of how I wanted my wedding to be/feel and look!! Kehrin has amazing taste for how things should look, for staging, dress and decor!! I highly highly recommend her! She is super easy and chill to work with, while still being professional and I never felt stressed when working with her or on the day of my wedding.

by Katie


Kehrin was a complete joy to work with in helping me plan my destination wedding. She has invaluable insight into the different vendors in the area because she works with them every day and she helped me make wonderful selections. In addition, she has the entire process down to a science with every detail accounted for. There would be no way that I could ever pull everything together being 1,000 miles away. But the very best part of JetSetWed is Kehrin’s warm personality and can-do attitude. She just exudes confidence and you just know that she has everything under control. There is nothing that she is not prepared to handle (including emergency needle & thread for my bustle). She is a wonderful event planner and I would recommend her to anyone wanting to host a perfect event.

by Betty


Kehrin was the perfect wedding planner for my husband and me. Most importantly to me, she was responsive to my emails, calls, and texts. As a bride going through the planning process, I needed her help through several steps of planning, and she was always there and always available. She gave just the right amount of guidance, allowing my family and Joe’s family to make the decisions, but giving suggestions and advice when we asked for it. Also, on the day of, the forecast called for rain beginning at the start of our ceremony. Kehrin came to me in a calm manner a few minutes before the wedding and asked whether we should go to our backup plan (moving the ceremony indoors). She let me make the decision, and luckily, the rain held off until after the ceremony. She also subtly guided the reception through a few changes that came up, and danced and interacted with guests appropriately. It almost felt like Kehrin was an old friend who just happened to be an expert, guiding me throughout the planning process and throughout the wedding activities. Overall, Kehrin did an amazing job and was there for us every step of the way! I would recommend her services to anyone.

by Jackie Joe


Kehrin filled in on short notice for my son’s wedding when the original wedding planner had a family emergency. She was AMAZING!!! She assured us that we were in good hands and true to her word everything went off without a hitch. It was an wonderful event and we have Kehrin to thank for that.

by Jackie Joe’s Mother


Jet Set Wed helped me sort my thoughts! Being a wedding planner myself I have seen so many different weddings that I needed help sorting my thoughts and vision. Kehrin and I met and she helped me work out the different ideas that would work and what wouldn’t work. It was extremely helpful and such a weight lifted off my shoulders. Kehrin was the saving grace when the unmentionable happened on the day of the wedding…a broken zipper! Kehrin with a steady hand sewed me into my wedding dress! I don’t know what I would have done without her. Thank you Kehrin for all your help on my wedding day!

by Corrin, a fellow wedding planner


Let me start by saying my wedding night was amazing and the days leading up were not stressful thanks to Kerhin! She was awesome from day one! We met with her and her partner at the time! It was a great meeting very outgoing and full of ideas! Thank goodness because I am not creative or crafty in any way so I really needed her ideas and guidance! That she did she arranged everything for me and us! Set up all appointments including wedding dress shop, invitations, flowers, photography, furniture lighting tastings dj/band/dancers, and so much more we even had an ice luge and monogrammed shot glasses!!! Fun fun!! Came up with very creative ideas we all loved she handled everything even if I couldn’t go to appointment I trusted her to decide for me and she would follow up with pics emails and coordinated everything!!!! My night was perfect thanks to her and her hard work; she got us the best of the best and even negotiated pricing if you are thinking about hiring a vendor coordinator Kerhin is the person for the job! I hope one day to have another event(not a wedding) and have her handle it, she is fun and definitely a person I would Call my friend! She always made everything easy for me as I live a hectic busy lifestyle! Thanks again Kerhin you are the BEST!!!!

by Renee

“Kehrin did an incredible job planning our wedding. We live in Miami and wanted to get married in Captiva (about a 3 hour drive away) and were able to be there to do most of the planning in person. We were so happy we had Kehrin there because she made the experience so easy and fun. There was not a single detail that was overlooked or missed. I highly recommend using Jet Set Wed!”

by Elise


“I owe so much to Kehrin. The wedding surpassed all of my expectations. Kehrin’s attention to detail, calming presence, creative thinking, and flawless execution made our wedding unforgettable! Kehrin understood my vision right away and elevated each of my design ideas. I was planning from out of state and her responsiveness to email and text messaging was essential. Kehrin was also very sensitive to cost and knew when to raise alternative solutions that were more cost-effective. I was calm on my wedding day because of Kehrin. She had everything under control despite us having a complicated progressive dinner service and second venue for the after party. She even went through the trouble of getting us some much needed coffee when the venue and the caterer couldn’t provide it. We are so lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Kehrin. We are so grateful for everything she did to make our wedding nothing short of perfection! ”

by Tiffany Wu