The beauty of Amsterdam, a styled bridal shoot

bridal shoot in AmsterdamStyled Bridal Shoot in Amsterdam at Rijksmuseum, the famous canal in Jordaan and Vondel Park. This shoot was styled by us at Jet Set Wed and shot by the incredibly talented Silvia Falcomer.

This shoot was inspired by the dark hidden corners and deep history of Copenhagen.  I wanted to capture the mood of the environment and the beauty of its people. Selecting dark plumes and lilacs helped to capture the spirit of the shoot while lending itself to the ability to be joyful and free. This lovely custom made dress by Unielle Couture could not have been more perfect as was the florals by Don Florita to add that vibrance to the cold.

There is an elegance about this place that is timeless yet playful.  Our model Carmen calls Copenhagen home and brought the joy and energy that was needed to counteract the moody scene.

I also wanted to capture the movement and constant motion you find on the streets here.  The zip of bikes passing and children playing.  The quant sweetness of the stoops lining the streets and chalky pallets of the houses all in a row.

Its all here in these beautiful images captured by my dear friend Sylvia Falcomer. I hope you feel inspired to visit the beautiful enchanting place and possible say I do.   If you do, we’d love to be a part of it.


Untitled_0490.jpg Untitled_0491.jpg Untitled_0492.jpg Untitled_0493.jpg Untitled_0494.jpg Untitled_0495.jpg Untitled_0497.jpg Untitled_0496.jpg Untitled_0498.jpg Untitled_0499.jpg Untitled_0500.jpg Untitled_0501.jpg Untitled_0502.jpg Untitled_0505.jpg Untitled_0504.jpg Untitled_0506.jpg Untitled_0507.jpg Untitled_0508.jpg Untitled_0510.jpg Untitled_0509.jpg Untitled_0511.jpg Untitled_0512.jpg Untitled_0513.jpg Untitled_0514.jpg Untitled_0515.jpg


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