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I have to say, your team are all so nice and kind. Not only do you create a breathtaking space, you really create a happy, positive environment too. Thank you
— Sally, Mother of the Bride
Image by Set Free Photography

Image by Set Free Photography


Operations/Customer Service

Jason is my incredible husband that runs all of our internal operations as well as our customer service. He is my backbone and the center of my world. His role on a wedding day is of workhorse and guest relations. He does most of the heavy lifting and disbursement of decor while mingling with guests and attending to needs. Design and delicacy are not his strengths but we have Maxine for that. When he is not keeping Jet Set Wed afloat he is improving lives through his own lifestyle design company Jet Set State and being the most incredible father to our two beautiful children.


Image by Set Free Photogrpahy


Assistant/Lead Coordinator

Our Maxine is quality control. She runs the logistic of our wedding days with a calmness and attention to detail that is only matched by her personal style and incredible baking skills. Her role on event day is best described as the fixer and refiner. She makes sure everything is in place, every guest has a seat and every vendor is well attended to. When she is not running seamless events for Jet Set Wed, she is creating and documenting elaborate baked goods fit for The British Baking Show on her personal blog.




Assistant/Marketing Strategist

Stefan is such a vital part of the Jet Set Wed family. Because of his extensive marketing background, he is very versed in storytelling and focusing on making sure that story is clear and concise. That's what makes him so vital on event day. His focus is on the flow of the event and guest experience eliminating any distractions. He is perfectly capable of running a ceremony, organizing seating or setting a fully designed tablescape. There is not much that he can’t tackle. After three years of having his experience, we have grown dramatically as a company and a brand. He is also our neighbor, a father, and our friend.