I couldn’t wait to message you. This is a dream you’re so good at what you do! Thank you so so much
— Rita

full service


Full-service planning with Jet Set Wed is an all-inclusive service. Generally, the client interested in full service has a venue already booked or an area in mind for the venue and needs assistance in deciding on which one best fits their needs. This service is the best for clients that want to make sure they are allocating their budgets correctly from the very beginning, contracting the best vendors that will create the environment they require and value the position of a contractor overseeing the construction of their event to ensure a cohesive experience without crushing expectations. Often the vendors that are selected and the budget spent at this time of the planning process will create the support and atmosphere for the rest of the event.

We price our full service on a percentage of the total budget plus a base rate for event day management and this service includes the complete Jet Set Wed design experience for your event.



design service

At Jet Set Wed design is our passion. It gives us joy and release. We have an entire page that is dedicated to telling you a little bit more about our design service, aesthetic and process so please head over to our design page to learn more.



event management

Hiring Jet Set Wed for the month of means insurance for your event. It means that a rain shower doesn’t turn into an early ending, a power outage doesn’t result in hungry guests, a ripped gown doesn't mean a wardrobe change. It means you are covered when the unthinkable happens and you will likely not know that it happened at all. What else does Event Management with JSW mean? It means a relaxed and joyful atmosphere throughout your event day, ample coverage of every delicate moment you’ve carefully curated, a seamless guests experience from beginning to end.

We price our month of event management as a flat rate that is dependent on size, scope, and complexity. Schedule a call to receive your custom proposal.

Having JSW as part of your event is peace of mind and security. It’s knowing that you have an advocate and a team player that is dedicated to enhancing your vision every step of the way. Our event management begins approximately 6 weeks out and is ran by our lead planner Maxine Levine. To find out more about the answer to all of your event day insecurities, get to know her.